Introducing the Inner Voice Collection. Something that started from scratch and by following our vision and the meaning behind Reprimande the current collection is showcasing the journey of never giving up, standing up after having fallen countless times, and embracing failure. 

The newly unveiled Inner Voice Collection stands for failing in order to succeed. Be consistent in pursuing your goals to achieve your dreams. It is created to inspire others to show that one needs to persevere and only focus on that Inner Voice to not let others keep you from achieving what you have set out to achieve. Find energy in people not believing in you. That energy will fuel the inner voice to prove everybody wrong. It does not matter if you receive a REPRIMANDE, it shows you dare to do what they don’t and that you will make it regardless of what anybody said. Embrace the failure and trust your inner voice.  


The REPRIMANDE team designs aesthetic fashion for the modern individual and this is embodied in the current Collection. Cotton and Merino wool fabrics have been sourced in Portugal and are present in the Inner Voice Collection. Our signature heavyweight oversized garments demonstrate modern timeless designs and trademark pieces that tell a story about the vision of the brand. Traditional regular fit garments are introduced to be worn as statement pieces that are indispensable in the modern individual’s wardrobe. To finalize the Inner Voice Collection, a new elegant piece has been added in the form of a 100% Merino wool beanie.  

A combination of timeless and branded pieces marks the unveiling and existence of the Inner Voice Collection.


Represents the faith to fulfill dreams by embracing failure 



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